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New Year, New Who?

November is coming to a close, and 2016 is hot on our tail! We’re left with only one month before it’s time to set those exaggerated goals in hopes of creating a better identity for ourselves.

From a personal standpoint, New Year’s resolutions can do me some good: I could learn to manage my willpower when it comes to carbs and chocolate, and I could also work on enhancing my vocabulary so I can speak a full sentence without using “like” to fill in the blanks.

It’s true–we need to grow, change, and should always reach for the stars, but when are the stars too high for our grasp?

We’re lead to believe that our lives can always be better–our dreams can be bigger, wallets fatter, and our looks prettier. In reality, the goals we often set for ourselves may not ever be reached–whatever the reason–this is what usually sets us back. Perhaps the bar is raised too high, or maybe the goal isn’t even ours to begin with?

Honestly though, are we really so terrible that we need fixing?

This December, we should look at all of our accomplishment347032592144890757adc0e9d0500d20s, review how far we’ve actually come within the year–you know, recognize ourselves for our actual capabilities. Perhaps instead of setting new goals, our focus should rest in actually ‘maintaining’ the ambitions we previously set and have already reached. If a previous goal wasn’t met–let’s continue trying to ring that bell of achievement instead of looking for something else that needs fixing.

Acknowledging transformation and progress is the main key to growth. In fact, bypassing our diligent effort dims the light within us to keep striving for more.

Keep driving, keep reaching, and most of all–keep recognizing!

Happy December,