I Fell off the Face of the Earth

I’ve been writing a lot of papers about “Identity” lately, and it has me thinking… Since our environment–past and present–shapes our identity for the future… What do you allow into your world, that you don’t want to shape who you are? 

Over time, I’ve adapted so well to the new advances within society, that in doing so–I’ve also allowed these advances to become a part of who I am. Yes, I’m able to control who I become, but what about the regular everyday habits that slowly bleed into my existence?

With this question in mind, I’ve decided to make a change.

It’s been four whole days since I deactivated my facebook account, and in that moment–I felt lighter. Within the passing days I’ve received communication from concerned individuals asking why I deleted them from my friends list–or blocked them! This is the next entity I’m working on eliminating from my life–guilt. I don’t want to feel responsible or worried that some might be confused about my specific reasons for ‘falling off the face of the earth’ as some have put it.

The relationships I have are dear to me, and I don’t want social media to dictate whether or not my friendship is valid. Instead, our actual relationship should dictate our relationship. You know–The time we spend together making memories, the shared laughter, the moments when can randomly pop up and say “hi” for no reason at all. Those are some of the moments I want to live for, and those are the entities that I want to dictate my relationships, not likes, or generic comments–while I appreciated all of the “likes” and heartfelt comments–I can’t live for them anymore. I’d much rather tell you that your hair looks pretty when I see you over coffee, or explain how much you make me laugh while on our way to a movie. It’s a lot more heartfelt, and has so much more meaning tied to it.

Social media in an excellent way to stay in touch with old friends and loved ones all over the world, but its meaning has lost value in my life. There is no doubt that I love my friends and family, but I have a cell phone–and for me that’s enough.

There are sunsets to watch, mountains to climb, and memories to be shared in the flesh. There is a life waiting to be lived, and I’m afraid it won’t wait any longer.

Until next time,




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