Feasting on Festivities

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Rain has been falling from the sky, cold air is rushing through the trees, and burnt leaves cover the ground. No complaints on my end…

This is the time to catch up on that much needed R & R. Thanksgiving is sort of like a buffer–you know like the thing that softens before the blow? We rest, we eat, we relax, and we eat some more. But with this super-short week comes anxiety because come Monday, the scramble begins. ‘Christmas cheer’ filled with hasty festivities, not to mention the avid shoppers on an obsessed mission to buy the perfect present.


Regardless if you choose to honor the celebrations or not, let’s take it slow this year. After all, we only have one more month until we’re expected to carry out those exaggerated goals in hopes of creating a better identity for ourselves–no pressure!

It’s completely natural to get caught up in the holiday rush. Think about it, we fret over what to bring to Thanksgiving dinner, or if you’re hosting–the concern lies in what to cook in accordance with what your guests actually like. There’s Aunt Emma’s newfound vegetarian-thing, and don’t forget cousin Liam’s gluten intolerance–at this point you’re probably better off resorting to lettuce for everyone!

Next comes the shopping, oh my–the shopping! If you’re one of those prompt individuals who already has the holiday list checked off before the end of Summer, bless your little heart. Now that November is coming to a close, what about the December soirees? Surely December is of a completely different nature–with a calendar full of things-to-do and places-to-be–I’m still stuck on deciding whether I need to buy a new outfit or not?

Since this time of year can be somewhat of a headache for all, what do you say we pop a Motrin and ride the wave of love–with love–for everyone? It’s so easy to breeze through the holidays, so easy to fly pass these moments that should be stopped in time. Let’s be patient, let’s be kind, and let’s give the gift of appreciation to those who are so deserving of it.

I’ve always had this fantasy that one day I’ll have a Thanksgiving dinner party just like the families do in the movies. You know–the huge clan gathered around an enormous table about to give thanks, when suddenly everything goes perfectly wrong? What I love most about the cliché is when they somehow all unite with love. Regardless of how this holiday turns out for me, I can’t wait to walk around the house with a new glass of wine on-the-hour, to stuff my tummy with food like there’s no tomorrow, and most of all I can’t wait to be surrounded by my loved ones.

I’m not in a hurry to finish November, in fact, I want to swim in the moments of tomorrow for as long as I can. Keeping this idea in mind–let’s remember why we love our tribe, and let’s thank them for loving us in return.



Happy Thanksgiving!!



Thanksgiving eCard via Pinterest
Alternative Thanksgiving via Huffington Post

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