Fresh November Thoughts

Stagnant thoughts wallowing in white,

a blank page before me,

on this dark November night.

At a crossroad 

which direction to go?

Which idea to chase,

or which one to throw?

Well look at that, it isn’t much up there, but it’s something. My first stanza typed from my laptop! I didn’t write it, I typed it, and it felt pretty nice. 

The best part about brain-storming is the actual process of brain-storming. While working on a paper for one of my classes, I found myself at a roadblock and couldn’t convey my thoughts into words, so I shot out a few rhymes to get my mind going. I always resort to poetry or short stories when I find myself in this situation, which reminds me of a situation I’d run into about technology and writing in the past…

When I used to write I was very anti-technology, I say this in reference to my beloved fascination with the act of “writing” itself. I had even asked my creative writing professor, “Why call it writing anymore if you’re typing?” I was the girl obsessed with the smell of books–the old fashioned kind. You know, doing research in the library from an actual rolodex? There’s nothing quite like floating through the library isles in search of the perfect book, or especially gliding a pen onto a piece of paper.

While I am so very thankful for technology propelling us forward in our endless search on the internet–among many other things, I never thought I’d get used to typing my work. Let me clarify, I could type up an A paper within minute’s notice, but when it came to pouring my thoughts–it had to be done on paper. I’m still the “old-fashioned book girl,” but I’ve come to the realization that typing doesn’t cause the hated “writer’s cramp.”

After giving in to the modern movement of typing our every thought onto a keyboard, I’ve learned that change comes in all different shapes and sizes. We can choose to look at these modifications as obstacles (even roadblocks) that hinder us from living our comfortable lives, or we can look at them as ways in which the universe is testing us to push ourselves, to evolve with the conventions of today. 

Why change? Well, humans adapt–it’s what we do–and the true mark of intelligence is based on how well we can adjust to our environment. I’m not referring to actually conforming to every societal norm in the book, I am simply referring to letting go of what was, and looking forward to fresh air–something new. We learn and grow when we open our eyes to change. Once we open our eyes we are able to see everything in its natural light. Adopting this idea of adjustment and development allows room for further invention. 

Change is definitely easier said than done–we all know this–but the mere act of overcoming this obstacle in itself brings growth.

Don’t live in your own stagnant thoughts, let them out, and dance with the colorful world of today.




Blog Post shared from previous Black-Haired Blondie blog site 9/2/2015


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