What is it about Fridays?

The day that most employees live for, although to some it’s just another day.

I remember when I was unemployed while going to school full-time, Friday was just another day to me. Now that I’m working, (still going to school) I look forward to Fridays.

1. I get to sleep in (even if it’s only until 7:00 am) No alarm = sleeping in

2. I guess there isn’t really much else..

The mere idea of sleeping in means more than just that. It means no responsibilities that need to be tended to right away. It means the to-do list can wait. Everyone who demands your attention can be put on hold. Fridays are the setup for the beauty that awaits you tomorrow.

Fridays are the day out of the week, that most can unwind, kick off those shoes that are on your tired feet of the week, and relax. This is the day of the week that demands acknowledgement for all of your hard work, but Fridays are much more to me than a night to go out for drinks carelessly until 1 am without the worry of having to wake up in 4 hrs for work/class the next day.

Fridays are like the bouquet of flowers someone gives you on a date. They are the gift you receive before something great happens!

Happy Friday.


Blog Post shared from previous Black-Haired Blondie blog site 9/11/2015

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